We need a 'Confirmation of Medical and Dental Student Eligibility to Apply' form previously called a BUR99 MED form for each student approaching their first academic year of being eligible to apply for an NHS Bursary.

This is regardless of if they'll be doing an intercalation year.

It must be sent by the student's Medical or Dental School even if the student will intercalate at a different university.

If the student is completing their intercalation year in a later year than their first NHS funded one and will be attending a different university, we need a Change Form (BUR102 MED) form sent by the university where they're to attend their intercalation.

Once the student returns to their medical or dental course, a further Change Form (BUR102) is not required.

If the student will be in study for more than 210 days, which is 30 weeks, during their intercalation year, we need a Medical and Dental Dates of Attendance Form (BUR100 MED) form sent by the university they'll attend that year. This is to make sure they can be assessed for the appropriate bursary.