Withdrawing or interrupting from your course

Your university will inform us about the change to your attendance through the HEI portal or set your attendance to discontinued if you withdrew prior to your enrolment window.

You must also contact the NHS Learning Support Fund (NHS LSF) as soon as possible. This will allow us to stop further payments.

We'll work out if you are owed any payment or whether an overpayment has occurred and contact you by email to advise.

If you stop attending your course prior to your university confirming your attendance you'll not be eligible for any payments.

Withdrawing for maternity or adoption reasons

Your university will inform us about the change to your attendance through the HEI portal.

While on an authorised period of parental leave you may continue to receive payments of the Training Grant and Parental Support. This could be for up to 52 weeks from the date you step off the course.

If your leave continues into a new academic year, you will need to reapply using your NHS LSF account. This allows payments to continue for the remainder of your agreed period of leave.

If you do not have a Student Finance letter when you reapply during your period of parental leave, upload a letter of explanation instead.

To continue payments once your parental leave ends, your university will inform us you have returned to study through the HEI portal. They can only do this on or after the date you return.

Changing courses

If you transfer to a course that is not eligible for NHS LSF, you'll no longer be entitled to any payments. These will be stopped from the date you transfer.

If you transfer to a course which is eligible for NHS LSF you must contact us and let us know about the change. Your entitlement to NHS LSF will be reviewed and you'll be notified of any further entitlement. 

If you're changing to a course at a different university, your original university will tell us of the withdrawal through the HEI portal. They'll provide the reason for your withdrawal and include any mitigating circumstances.

Once you show as withdrawn on your NHS LSF account, you'll need to update the course details to the one you are transferring to. Your new university will be required to confirm your attendance through the HEI portal.

Resuming after a period of interruption

If you're returning to a course which is eligible for NHS LSF, you must reapply using your NHS LSF account and upload your most recent student loan notification letter.


If you defer your course and start later than you originally intended, you must reapply using the same NHS LSF account you registered with.

If you’ve received a revised student loan award notification as a result of the change you must upload this to your account. 

If you're unable to upload a revised student finance award letter you must upload a covering letter explaining your circumstances.

If your new course starts in the same academic year as a course you previously applied for, you'll not be able to reapply, as you can only apply once per academic year.

You must update your course details on your NHS LSF account. 

For more information see the NHS LSF - Financial Support for healthcare students guide.

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