The TDAE allowance provides reimbursement towards excess travel and accommodation costs you may incur whilst attending a placement as part of your course.

In order to apply, you must meet the general eligibility criteria for the Learning Support Fund.

For academic years that start on or after September 2020 you must first register for a NHS Learning Support Fund account. Once you have done this and your registration has been accepted, you can select ‘Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses’ from your main account page after you have logged on to access the claim form.

Send your entire completed TDAE claim form and all supporting receipts for any costs you are claiming to your university. If they are satisfied your claim is valid they will authorise it at Section 9. 

The full process has not yet been finalised but once it is your university will submit your claim to us for payment. The process will be finalised as soon as possible.

All claims must be uploaded to your NHS LSF account within nine months of the last day of the placement period for which you are claiming.

Further information, including a guide to completing your TDAE claim, can be found in the Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses section of our website.  

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