Yes, if you progress onto the next academic year of your course you'll keep your allocated / capped bursary place, unless you have a break in your studies, repeat part of your course or change university / college.
Break in studies / repeat part of your course
If you withdraw from your course or repeat any part of it, you'll be removed from the allocation and can't be considered for an allocated / capped bursary place when you resume your course, unless your break in studies was for maternity leave.
However, if you're a postgraduate course student and have extenuating circumstances, such as the break being due to bereavement, you could be considered for an allocated / capped bursary place when you resume. This decision is made by us once you've completed any relevant bursary applications, your university / college has given us full details regarding your circumstances and they have provided the relevant academic year's allocated / capped bursary place list. Your university / college have no involvement in making this decision.
Maternity leave
If you've been nominated for an allocated / capped bursary place, you may continue to receive bursary payments for up to a maximum of 12 months from the agreed date of the start of the maternity leave period, or from the day after the birth date of your child.
You must provide your university / college with medical evidence of your pregnancy prior to starting maternity leave, such as a MATB1 form, and the start date of your maternity leave must be agreed with them in advance. Your university / college must forward a withdrawal form to us, including the expected date of confinement, the last date of attendance, the expected date you'll return to complete the course and confirmation you've provided relevant evidence.
When you resume your course after a period of maternity leave, you'll keep your allocated / capped bursary place. Your university / college can't reallocate or transfer your allocation to another student.
Transfer university / college
By leaving a university / college you are also leaving one of their allocated / capped bursary places, therefore, you'll only be able to keep your allocation if your new university / college have a place available.
You'll need to contact your new university / college for further guidance.