An S1 form is a healthcare certificate that entitles you and any dependants to healthcare in another EU country on the same basis as a resident of that country. The S1 is applicable to those who are resident in an EU country, UK residents cannot apply.

The form may be referred to as a E106, E109, E120, E121 or S073 depending upon the reason it's been issued.

Each country's healthcare system is different and may not include the things you would expect to get free of charge from the NHS. This means that you may have to make a payment contribution towards the cost of your care (known as a 'co-payment'). If you are unsure as to what you're expected to pay for, you should discuss this with the treatment facility directly before you receive treatment. You can find out more on the website.

You can apply for an S1 for yourself and any dependants if you fall into one of the following groups:

  • You are in receipt of a UK exportable benefit (e.g. a UK State Pension)

  • You are a posted worker/ frontier worker who pays compulsory NI contributions in the UK

  • You are flight/cabin crew or are working on a vessel at sea in specific circumstances.

Not all UK exportable benefits entitle you to an S1; you should contact your benefit provider to enquire and if you are entitled to an S1 they will arrange for Overseas Healthcare Services at the NHSBSA to issue one. The contact details for your benefit provider can be found on correspondence they have sent you.

You can contact us on

  • 0191 218 1999 if you are calling from the UK

  • 0044 191 218 1999 if you are calling from outside of the UK

If you are a posted worker, a frontier worker, you are a flight/cabin crew member or you are working on a vessel at sea, you will need to contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), to see if you are eligible for an S1 certificate. You can contact them on:

  • 0191 203 7010 if you are calling from the UK

  • 0044 191 203 7010 if you are calling from outside of the UK

If you are not entitled to an S1, you will need to contact the local authority in your country of residence for advice on how to register for healthcare.

When we have received the information from yourself or the benefit provider that we need to process your application we will post you an S1 if you are eligible. S1s can only be sent to overseas addresses. Once you receive your S1, you would need to register this with the local authority.

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