If you wish to apply to transfer another pension into you NHS pension scheme then you'd need to complete the transfer in application pack / forms.

The transfer-in pack consists of forms A and B.

  • Form A - To be completed by the pension member (Performer) and current NHS Employer (NHS Dental Services)
  • Form B - To be completed by the previous pension provider

Once the transfer in pack has been complete, it should then be sent to NHS pensions to consider the transfer.

There are several age and time limits to consider if you wish to transfer your pension. For more information please visit the NHS Pensions website.

Transfer between NHS schemes

The NHS has four separate pension schemes depending on where someone works. These separate schemes are:

  • England and Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Isle of Man

If you change employment e.g. England to Scotland and you've paid into both of these schemes, then the pension won't automatically be transferred across. You'll have to apply for it to be transferred by completing form A of the transfer in pack.

Form B is not required for transfers between the NHS schemes.

The transfer in pack can be found under the members guides and associated factsheets section of the NHS Pensions website.