How you find an NHS dentist depends on the country you reside in.


You can search on the NHS website.

Location: NHS website >>  Health services near you section - Carry out a search using your postcode

Alternatively, you have the option to either call or text to find an NHS dentist in your area.

Telephone: 111 (NHS helpline) or contact the dental access helpline which is located at your local Commissioner (Area Team / Local Health Board). Their telephone number can be found in your local phone book.

Text: Text 'dentist' to 64746 or 'NHSGO'. You should get up to three text messages with the results that are nearest to your location from the area where you need a dentist.


You can search on the NHS Health in Wales website.

Location:  NHS Health in Wales website >> Search by postcode

Telephone: 0845 46 47


You can search on the NHS 24 website.

Location: NHS 24 website >> Search by postcode / Area

Telephone: 111 (NHS 24 helpline) or contact your Local Health Board (LHB), the telephone number can found in your local phone book.

Northern Ireland

You can search on the Health and Social Care (HSC) in Northern Ireland website. Use the find local services section.

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