Yes, the payment is made to your provider based on the Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) recorded on the Compass system for the year you are making the SFE application.

Where the amount differs to the amount declared on the Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE) application form, by default the Compass amount will be used.

If you believe your figure to be incorrect, please ask your provider to update this using their Compass account prior to making the SFE application. They can update this by following the guidance available here.

If the NPE figure on Compass is incorrect at the time of your application your provider should correct these using the guidance available here, and then email us to advise us of the changes.


We'll use the latest figure present at the date your period of leave starts / started for our calculation, it's important that you ensure the figure is correct before going on a period of leave.

If there are no estimated NPE recorded on Compass, your provider will be asked to provide evidence of your NPE.