If you are claiming either maternity, adoption or additional paternity leave then you can work up to 10 days during your claim period, these days are called 'keeping in touch days'. 'Keeping in touch days' are optional, both you and your employer need to agree to them.

Under no circumstances can you work whilst on Long-term sick.

Keeping in touch days are only for catching up on paperwork and other administrative tasks, they are not to be used to perform any dental work and they cannot be used claim any UDAs/UOAs.

The type of work done and any payment received should be agreed internally before coming to work. Your right to maternity, adoption or additional paternity leave and pay is not affected by using your entitlement of 'keeping in touch days'.

As per the Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE) Guidance, a dentist must cease from providing dental services during their parental leave including any optional 'keeping in touch days'. Any payment for work carried out during your 'keeping in touch days' should be discussed with your provider. Click here to view more information in the SFE Guidance.

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