Dentists are able to claim for paid Long-term Sickness Leave if they meet the relevant criteria and do not breach the payment conditions. Long-term Sickness Leave payments are 100% superannuable.

To apply Long-term Sickness Leave payments download the application form and email to

Due to the impact of COVID-19 we will only process SFE applications received via email.

The full Statement of Financial Entitlement document is available on our website.

What are the eligibility criteria?

A contractor is entitled to receive Long-term Sickness Leave payments for a performer it employs if:

  • The dentist’s name has been included on a NHS dental performer list for at least 2 years, which need not be a continuous period, and part of the period need not immediately precede the period of sickness. However, during the 2 year period the dentist must have been providing NHS dental services;

  • The performer has been unable to work on the contract due to sickness. Sickness leave payments are not payable for the first four weeks of absence

  • The performer is not, themselves registered as a Limited Company.

What evidence do I need to send?

  • A medical certificate or statement completed by a registered medical practitioner, confirming that the performer is incapable to work due to sickness; and

  • a declaration in writing from the contractor that to the best of its knowledge, with regard to the period to which the claim relates, no claim for parental leave payments has been made under by it, or any other contractor.

How much am I entitled to receive?

The amount a contractor is entitled to claim is a weekly amount, calculated on the basis of the dentist’s Net Pensionable Earnings/Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPE/NPEE) as held on Compass at the date the payment is due.

Weekly payments cannot exceed £1,660 for dental performers, and £3,630 for orthodontic performers. An orthodontic performer is a performer who earns 50 per cent or more of their weekly net pensionable earnings from the provision of orthodontic services.

What period of leave can I claim for?

Sickness leave payments are not payable in respect of the first four weeks of absence.

A performer is only able to claim a maximum of 22 weeks sickness leave payments every 52 weeks. This means no further sickness pay could be claimed for 30 weeks after the final week's payment.

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