What is the eligibility criteria?

  • The dentist has been suspended by the Board, Or:

  • The person is a contractor by whom that suspended dentist is employed or engaged, and immediately prior to the dentist's suspension or the circumstances that precipitated that dentist?s suspension the dentist was employed or engaged by the contractor, and apart from the suspension under regulation 12 of the Performers Lists Regulations, that dentist would be able and would be permitted to perform primary dental services.

  • The dentist is, or prior to the circumstances causing their suspension was, employed or engaged by an NHS dental contract.

  • The performer is not, themselves registered as a Limited Company.

What are the conditions of payment?

  • The sum payable is superannuable.

  • The dentist must inform their Commissioner (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership / Local Health Board) of any alternate work undertaken while suspended.

How do I apply?

The suspended dentist should contact their Commissioner. The Commissioner will reduce their Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) / Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPEE) figure to zero on the contract and then add the suspension payment via 'Payment Adjustments' on their Commissioner Compass account.

How much am I entitled to receive?

The amount to which the contractor is entitled to for their suspension payments is calculated on the basis of the dentist's estimated monthly NPE / NPEE. This amount will be a pro-rata amount in the case of part months.

Additional payments may be made to cover any professional insurance the dentist holds, this is in accordance with Point 4 (2a [ii]) on page 56 of the GDS Statement of Financial Entitlement for England 2013.