If it's been agreed we can pay for taxi costs recommended on your NAR, we'll tell you about the details on your Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) award letter.

You must show your award letter to the taxi company on your DSAs award letter to prove your entitlement. They'll set up an account with us.

The taxi company must email their invoices to

They must include your name and student bursary reference number.

If it's the first time we're setting up an account with them, they'll be sent a Supplier Amendment Form to complete when we receive their first invoice. This is used to register their payment method details for this and future invoices.

We'll pay the travel costs to the taxi firm up to the amount agreed on your award letter.

If you choose to use another company, we'll be unable to pay more than the amount agreed on your award letter.

If you change the taxi firm you're using, you must contact the Assessment Centre which carried out your original Needs Assessment. They must provide us with a new recommendation.

Placement travel

If it's recommended you take taxis to your practice placements due to your disability, these costs must be claimed in the same way.

They'll normally be included in your NAR.

If your placement locations and dates were unknown at the time the report was written, your Needs Assessor must send us additional quotes before your placement starts for us to consider amending your travel allowance.

We cannot:

  • set up an account
  • pay any company direct
  • advise which company to use