This will depend on you current living situation.

My Bursary Application was processed with one parents income but I have now moved in with my other parent

If you are a dependant student and you move in with your other parent you will need to inform us of this by submitting a new application.

You will need to provide evidence that you now live with your other parent, such as a bank statement, utility bill, or council tax bill with your new address on, as well as the evidence of their income and expenses declared on the form. You must also include a covering letter stating the date you moved in with your other parent.

As part of the assessment of this application, you may notice your application being rejected and a Change of Circumstances being submitted on your behalf by the applicable enrolment period. This is not an indication of any issue with your application and you should ignore the generic email you receive resulting from the Change of Circumstances we submit.

My Bursary Application was processed with one parents income but I do not live with either parent

You will not be able to change this part way through an academic year even if there has been a relationship break down with the parent your bursary was assessment on. You can change which parents income your bursary is based upon when you apply for your next academic year.