If your parents' or partner's income has reduced by 15% or more compared to the previous tax year, your bursary may be reassessed.

If you already receive the full basic award the drop in income will not affect the amount you receive.

If the level of income has not dropped by 15% or more, the award will not reassessed.

You'll need to complete a change of circumstances in your NHS bursary account. The system will advise what evidence you need to provide.

Your parents or partner need to complete a Current Income Assessment form (PDF: 65.25KB) and provide evidence.

If your award is assessed using both of your parents income the drop must be of 15% or more on the combined income. Both of your parents will need to declare their current income.

If you applied for a non means tested award without declaring income you'll also need to submit a new application for the relevant academic year.

Any Dependents, Parent Learning or Childcare Allowances you receive will also be reassessed. 

An increase in expenses can be considered in the reassessment as long as there is a 15% drop in income.