Spurious GP codes are used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A locum doctor working in a practice where the GP has resigned (normally single-handed practices).
  • Special exercises, projects or initiatives running in the Sub ICB Location (SICBL) and funded from the SICBL prescribing budget. i.e. Dermatology Centres, Hospices etc where prescribing data is not required at individual prescriber level.
  • As an additional prescribing code for a GP working in more than one practice/cost centre (in order to monitor prescribing in each practice/cost centre).

A spurious code will only be issued to GPs whose DIN code is already in use at another practice/cost centre, or for hospital doctors who are not issued with a DIN code. Locum doctors should use the prescribing code of the doctor for whom they are providing locum services (unless there are no GPs left in the practice/cost centre).

To request a spurious code

The SICBL will need to complete a proforma on behalf of the practice to request a spurious code. This form is available on our website. Click here to view. 
The completed form should be returned to