NHS Pensions aims to provide you with an estimate of your pension benefits within 30 working days (against our statutory target of 40 working days) of receiving your request.

If your pension record has not been updated recently by your employer, your estimate will be calculated using the information that has been provided to us by your employer to date. A note will be placed on your estimate to confirm that it has been calculated in this way.

NHS Pensions does however provide active and deferred members with a Total Reward Statement (TRS) or Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) through an online facility, known as Total Reward Statements (TRS).

This service is free of charge and is a faster and more convenient way for you to obtain information about your NHS pension. Pension statements are refreshed annually (based on information supplied by your employer) and updated statements will be available between August and October for the previous Scheme year (31 March).
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