If your application for ill health is rejected by Medigold, they’ll tell you, your employer if applicable and ourselves of this decision.

To appeal the decision, you must complete the Internal Dispute Resolution (DRP1) form. It must be sent to us with any further medical evidence that you wish to be considered in support of your dispute.

A DRP1 form can be submitted any time after you receive your ill health decision.

A decision will be made within 40 working days.

If we do not receive a decision within 40 working days, we’ll contact Medigold and write to you to advise of the delay.

Once we’ve reached the decision, we’ll write to you as soon as possible to confirm the outcome of your dispute.

If you appeal through the Stage 1 Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) and your appeal is unsuccessful or you’re unhappy with the decision, you’re entitled to have your case looked at a second time.

You must write to us within 6 months of the date of the stage 1 IDR decision letter.

The second review will be carried out by a disputes manager who’ll reply within 40 working days or tell you if they’re unable to do so.

Waiting for an ill health appeal

You can take Actuarially Reduced Early Retirement (ARER) benefits while your appeal is being considered.

You may not be able to cancel your ARER application if your ill health appeal is rejected.

Check when an application can be cancelled.