What is the two tick logo?

The two tick logo indicates a disability that may require support in the workplace.

If the two ticks logo is present it indicates a candidate has identified they have a disability whilst completing their application. The logo will be displayed at the Shortlist:Evaluate stage in the recruitment process, any two tick candidates will also be identified in the ‘Pri’ (Priority) column on the Shortlisting:Evaluate screen

Are two tick candidate's guaranteed an interview?

No, however any two tick candidate's that meet the minimum essential criteria when shortlisting must be invited to interview under the 'Guaranteed Interview Scheme'.

How can an applicant indicate they have special requirements for interview?

Should two tick candidate's require any reasonable adjustments, they will notify the employer when they confirm their interview. Trac will then automatically email the Recruiting Manager.

Any special requirements specified will appear clearly in the interview schedule and view application page.

You can also check the application list by looking at the 'sp.req?' column which will display an exclamation mark icon. Users can click this icon for further details.

What are reasonable adjustments?

Reasonable adjustments for a candidate with a disability may include, but are not limited to;

  • holding an interview in a room on the ground floor with easy access

  • allowing a candidates longer reading time if they are required to undertake a test

  • having a sign language interpreter in attendance at interview

For further information on what is a reasonable adjustment for a candidate with a disability, please contact the NHS England and Improvement (NHSEI) Human Resources and Organisation Development (HR and OD) team.

What happens if I do not or cannot make reasonable adjustment for an interview?

This could disadvantage the candidate and leave the organisation open to a disability discrimination claim.

Should the Lead Interviewer be unable to accommodate any reasonable adjustments required, please contact the HR and OD team.

Further Information and Guidance

Further guidance on managing two tick candidates can be found on Trac.