The NHS England (NHSE) talent pool is maintained by the NHSE Talent Pool Manager, they are responsible for the pre-screening of new talent pool members and subsequently updating the talent pool records based on the skills, knowledge and experience of candidate's.

Identifying new talent pool candidates

When the NHSE Campaigns Team adds an applicant to the talent pool, they will be assigned the ‘Previous application’ Source. To identify the new members of the talent pool the Talent Pool Manager will need to filter the talent pool to view only the applicants within the ‘Previous application’ source.

Updating new talent pool candidate records

New members will receive a welcome email after being added to the talent pool which requests a copy of the candidate CV. When a new member responds to the welcome email with their CV attached the Talent Pool Manager will conduct a pre-screening interview and update the talent pool record appropriately.

How is a talent pool member put forward for consideration?

When a Recruiting Manager (RM) contacts the Talent Pool Manager regarding a high priority/specialist post that needs filling, a discussion will take place regarding the specific requirement for the post. This discussion will all the Talent Pool Manager to search the talent pool to identify potential candidate's.

When the Talent Pool Manager has identified enough candidate's for consideration, they must extract and provide the CV’s and contact information to the original recruiting manager.

Using the CV’s and contact details provided by the Talent Pool Manager, the RM will arrange the interviews with the candidate.

Hiring from the talent pool

Once the interviews have taken place the RM will inform the Talent Pool Manager who the successful candidate(s) is. The Campaigns Team will create a ‘hidden link’ vacancy in Trac to allow this candidate to be hired. These vacancies will be reviewed by HRSS and set up by the HRSS Recruitment team provided they are transactional.

Once the vacancy has been created HRSS will transfer the successful candidate(s) from the original talent pool vacancy to the hidden link vacancy.