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The shortlisting panel for a job listing can be added by the:

  • super user
  • team manager
  • recruitment administrator
  • the recruiting manager for the listing

To add a user to the shortlisting panel, select ‘Add someone to the panel’ and enter the name of the person you want to add.

If their name does not appear on the list, ask a ‘super user’ from your organisation to add them.

You cannot remove members of the panel once a vacancy has been published. You'll still be able to add further users.

If a member of the panel cannot complete their scoring, the shortlisting lead can progress the listing to the shortlisting stage.


A shortlisting lead is responsible for completing the shortlist and inviting applicants to interview.

The shortlisting lead can be changed by the:

  • super user
  • team manager
  • recruitment administrator
  • recruiting manager for that listing

A user who’s part of the shortlisting panel for a listing cannot amend the shortlisting lead.

To change the shortlisting lead, select the vacancy and ‘Score applications’.

If you're not on the shortlisting panel, you’ll have the option to ‘Change the shortlisting lead’.

Changing the shortlisting lead will undo any scoring the previous lead has completed.

Once the shortlisted applicants have been confirmed, the shortlisting lead cannot be changed.

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