To publish an ATS job listing in the NHS Jobs service your ATS must be linked to NHS Jobs.

To do this, you need to.

  1. Create the listing in your ATS and transfer it to NHS Jobs.
  2. Find the draft listing in NHS Jobs.
  3. Publish the listing to job seekers in NHS Jobs.

The approvals settings must be set to offline. A super user will be able to update this setting.

Any changes to this setting made after a draft has been sent to NHS Jobs from your ATS will not be applied retrospectively. You'll need to delete the drafts and resend once approvals are set to offline.

You must speak to your ATS provider for guidance on:

  • transferring supporting documents to the NHS Jobs service from your ATS
  • making changes to a published job listing
  • republishing a listing

These processes are different for each ATS.

Further support and user guides are available on our website.

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