If you have a UK issued S1 which you've registered in the Member State you're now living in and are visiting the UK, from 1 January 2024 you can get free NHS treatment in England.

Any S1 holder wanting to access NHS treatment in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland must check with the relevant NHS authority.

If you’re asked to show evidence when accessing treatment in the UK, you can show either:

  • your UK issued and registered S1 certificate
  • verification you were issued an S1 from us

NHS charges must be paid where they apply to ordinary UK residents, such as prescription charges in England.

Accident and Emergency services and services that are deemed urgent or immediately necessary will always be provided free at the point of delivery first in the UK, with entitlement to NHS care determined afterwards.

UK issued S1 holders seeking pre-planned treatment in England, must make arrangements for that treatment with relevant providers in England. This may include any waiting period, assessments, or referral processes which may apply, and sharing of any medical information to help ensure continuity of care.

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