Once you’ve confirmed which applicants you want to interview, you cannot remove an applicant from this list.

Applicants you’ve added to your reserve shortlist can be added to your list of successful applicants and invited to an interview. You do not have to invite any applicants from your reserve list, however once they’re added they cannot be removed.

You cannot invite any applicants to interview who were unsuccessful and not added to your reserve shortlist.

If you have made a shortlisting in error, it is possible for Super users to view the contact details of all applicants for a job listing, at all stages of a recruitment.

Amending a shortlist

If you need to change your shortlist to remove applicants you have marked as successful, or add applicants you’ve marked as unsuccessful, it may be possible for us to make these changes.

To allow us to look into this further, contact us and provide us with the following information:

  • vacancy reference number
  • candidate reference numbers of those incorrectly shortlisted
  • candidate reference numbers of those they wish to shortlist

If you’ve arranged an interview, you must include the dates these are due to take place.

Further support and user guides are available on our website.

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