If your absence is authorised by the university and for 60 days or less, you'll not normally be considered absent from your course.

If you're absent due to:

  • mental ill health
  • physical illness and injury
  • bereavement
  • a caring responsibility

The NHSBSA and DHSC may agree to continue payments, if they're satisfied that it's due to circumstances that could reasonably be expected to cause disruption to your studies. They must also be satisfied that you'll qualify within 12 months of the time it normally takes to complete your course. This is subject to you continuing to receive student loan funding for this period.

You must inform us of your withdrawal from the course if you've exceeded or expect to exceed a continuous 60 day period of absence. We'll place a hold on future payments.

Your university must inform us about the change to your attendance through the HEI portal.

Any payments would stop from the date of last attendance provided to us by your HEI. This may include the authorised 60 days.