To login to your organisations account, a Super User must create an account for you.

Once your account is created, you’ll receive a link by email. You must use this link to set up the password for your account.

If you cannot login to your NHS Jobs account, make sure you’re logging in on the correct webpage.

For your account as an employer, this is

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it on the sign in page by selecting ‘forgot your password’.

Your account will lock if the wrong password is entered 3 times. This will unlock automatically after 20 minutes.

If you’ve not received your password reset email:

  1. Make sure the email address used is correct.
  2. Check your junk and spam folders.
  3. Check you’re using the correct webpage for the service.

If you have an active NHS Jobs employer account but are unable to access your account and you are not receiving a password reset email, your account may be deactivated. You must contact one of the organisations super users to check your access.

Super users can:

  • add new users
  • deactivate users who have left the organisation
  • reactivate any deactivated users on the account

Further support and user guides are available on our website.

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