To complete the workforce data collection form on Compass:

  1. Log in to Compass.
  2. Select NHS England Workforce from the Homepage Menu.
  3. Select NHSE Workforce Data Collection.
  4. Select Start New Form and complete all mandatory fields.
  5. Select Submit on the summary page when all the data has been entered for each contract.
  6. Select Exit Form for completion at a later date, the status will show as 'Entered' in the list of contracts.
  7. Select Cancel Form to erase all data and to start again, once done the status will show as 'Cancelled'.
  8. To start the form again, select Start New Form.

You must have either ‘Business Owner’ or ‘Business/Practice Admin’ Compass accounts to complete the form.

Further guidance on the workforce data collection from is available on the NHS Dental Services website.